• The Voxel Ville Official collection is a non-fungible tokens collection launched on the Ethereum network in September 2021.
• Currently, 1486 owners have purchased 5,000 collections from this NFT with an average price of 0.34 ETH.
• The market capitalization of the Voxel Ville Official collection is 243.63 ETH and there is a buyer fee for purchasing these collections.

Overview of the Voxel Ville Official Collection

The Voxel Ville Official collection is a non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 29 September, 2021. 5,000 items of the Voxel Ville Official collection can now be viewed at OpenSea with 1486 owners having purchased them since its launch. The market capitalization of these NFTs stands at 243.63 ETH and they are available to purchase using ETH, WETH or USDC as payment tokens.

Price and Sales

Since created the Voxel Ville Official, 6,433 collections sales have been made at an average price of 0.34 ETH (~$548.24 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 2,176.117 ETH and has a floor price of 0.03 with 30-day trading volume kept at 3.36 ETH. A buyer fee to dev has also been set to 0 basis points for purchasing these collections from the marketplace OpenSea.

Why Are Some NFTs Expensive?

NFTs are very new to the blockchain ecosystem and are still in their infancy meaning there is no historical data or precedence that can assist in determining their value accurately yet due to their recent boom in popularity many projects have managed to gain legitimacy purely through being first movers within this space as well as improving upon any issues that may have plagued other similar projects within its space thus making them more valuable investments than others on offer today due to opportunists taking advantage of their increased demand/popularity amongst buyers currently looking into investing into such products..

Voxel Ville Examples

The examples below showcase some popular pieces from this collectible series:

• #1 – Voxel Ville #1 • #2 – Voxel Ville #2 • #3 –Voxelville#3 • #4 –Voxelle#4

Is It Over/Underpriced?

It’s difficult to determine if this particular NFT collection by Voxel Ville is overpriced or underpriced due to its status as an emerging market without any historical data or precedence that could help guide such decisions therefore it requires further development & promotion by its creators & community before such decisions can be made confidently but its current popularity suggests that it’s certainly becoming a more attractive investment opportunity than most others currently available on offer today within similar spaces!

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