• According to data from the on-chain analysis platform IntoTheBlock, 80% of MATIC investors are suffering losses at current prices.
• MATIC’s price is down over 72% from its all-time high price of $2.91, but is still up 147% year-to-date.
• The asset is mainly held by medium-term holders, making up 56% of MATIC investors, along with long-term holders at 38% and short-term holders at 7%.

The cryptocurrency MATIC has seen its price slip significantly since its all-time high on 2021, leaving many investors nursing losses. Despite the losses, an on-chain analysis from IntoTheBlock reveals that a significant portion of MATIC investors – 80%, to be exact – are in a loss position.

MATIC’s price peaked at $2.91 and has since declined more than 72%. Despite the steep bearish trend, the digital asset is still up 147% from its cycle low of $0.32, which was marked on June 18, 2022. This puts only 15% of investors currently in profit, with 5% at neutral territory.

The majority of MATIC investors are medium-term holders, making up 56% of the investor base. Long-term holders constitute 38% of MATIC investors and short-term holders, who bought in the last month, make up the remaining 7%. This indicates that despite the losses, MATIC has an investor base that is looking to hold the asset in the long-term.

It is difficult to predict how MATIC’s price will react in the future, but its current price movements suggest that it is holding up well in the market given current circumstances. That said, most investors are still nursing losses from their investments and the asset may be prone to further volatility in the coming days.

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