In the world of cryptocurrency trading, Bitcoin Sprint has emerged as one of the most popular automated trading bots. This software aims to help both novice and experienced traders maximize their profits by automatically executing trades based on market signals.

But is Bitcoin Sprint legit? Can it really deliver the high returns it promises? In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Bitcoin Sprint works, its key features, customer testimonials, pricing plans and more to determine if this bot is right for you.

What is Bitcoin Sprint?

Bitcoin Sprint is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that utilizes advanced AI and machine learning to analyze market data and identify potentially profitable trades. The trading bot is designed to monitor the crypto markets 24/7 and execute trades based on preset parameters and algorithms.


Once configured by the user, Bitcoin Sprint will automatically scan markets, identify trading opportunities, enter and exit trades, and manage open positions without any manual intervention. This hands-off approach to crypto trading aims to generate consistent profits while minimizing losses.

Bitcoin Sprint trades a wide variety of popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and more. The bot connects to users‘ existing exchange accounts via API to execute live trades and does not require deposits or withdrawals to a proprietary platform.

Some of the key features that Bitcoin Sprint offers include:

  • Automated trading 24/7
  • Complex algorithms and AI for market analysis
  • Ability to customize trading strategies
  • Tools for backtesting trading strategies
  • Configurable risk management settings
  • Notifications about executed trades
  • Compatibility with major crypto exchanges
  • Dedicated customer support

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at how these features work and what users can expect when using Bitcoin Sprint for cryptocurrency trading.

How Does Bitcoin Sprint Work?

The core of Bitcoin Sprint’s functionality lies in its use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze market data. The bot employs multiple trading strategies that examine technical indicators, trends, volume, price patterns and more to detect opportunities to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for profit.

Here is an overview of how Bitcoin Sprint works:

  • Connecting to Exchange Accounts – Users first connect their exchange accounts like Coinbase, Binance and Kraken to Bitcoin Sprint via API keys. This allows the bot to execute real-time trades on supported exchanges. Keys and account data are encrypted for security.
  • Selecting Trading Pairs – Users can select which cryptocurrency pairs they want Bitcoin Sprint to trade, such as BTC/USD, ETH/BTC and LTC/BTC. Multiple pairs across various exchanges can be added.
  • Configuring Trading Parameters – A variety of customizable settings are available to configure the bot’s trading strategy – indicators, risk management tools, position sizing, take profit/stop loss limits and more. Parameters can be manually configured or preset options selected.
  • Backtesting Strategies – Users can backtest their configured trading strategies against historical market data to fine-tune parameters and evaluate performance before going live.
  • Launching Trading – Once configured, users can run Bitcoin Sprint in live trading mode. The bot analyzes markets 24/7, identifies trading opportunities, and autonomously executes buy/sell orders through connected exchange accounts.
  • Monitoring Trading Activity – Users can monitor all completed trades, open positions, profit/loss margins, and trading performance statistics directly in Bitcoin Sprint’s dashboard. Alerts can also be set for when trades are executed.
  • Modifying Settings – Trading parameters, indicators and risk settings can be adjusted at any time to refine trading strategy even during live trading.

A key advantage offered by Bitcoin Sprint is its complex algorithms that are capable of detecting subtle patterns and signals in crypto price trends that may be difficult for human traders to notice. The bot can react far more swiftly to capitalize on trading opportunities.

Let’s explore some of Bitcoin Sprint’s standout features in more detail.

Key Features and Tools

Automated Trading

The primary benefit Bitcoin Sprint offers is automated cryptocurrency trading that executes trades on behalf of users around the clock. Once configured, the trading bot handles entering and exiting positions so that users don’t have to continuously monitor charts and markets.

Bitcoin Sprint is equipped with multiple trading algorithms optimized for short-term, swing, and day trading. Depending on parameter settings and market conditions, the algorithms will determine the ideal entry and exit points for trades to capitalize on price movements while managing risk exposure.

Trades are executed via connected exchange accounts almost instantaneously when opportunities are detected. Automation eliminates the emotional decision-making that can lead to poor trading outcomes for human traders.

AI and Machine Learning

Behind the automated trading algorithms is Bitcoin Sprint’s powerful AI engine. The artificial intelligence models perform technical and fundamental analysis on live market data, analyzing price charts, volumes, trends, news, and other data points.

As more data is consumed, the machine learning capacity means the algorithms continuously fine-tune themselves to improve analysis and trading performance over time. This allows Bitcoin Sprint to adapt with evolving market conditions.

The combination of AI and automation aims to provide reliable trading performance and consistent profits even for inexperienced users.

Multiple Trading Strategies

While most crypto bots rely on a single trading strategy, Bitcoin Sprint packs numerous different algorithms optimized for various market conditions. Users can customize the combinations of strategies and technical indicators to suit their risk tolerance.

The platform offers preset configurations for common strategies like breakout, trend-following, mean reversion and more. But advanced traders can also build customized algorithms from over 30 technical indicators such as RSI, MACD and Bollinger Bands.

The ability to diversify trading strategies hedge risk and maximize opportunities across different market environments.

Risk Management

Controlling risk exposure is crucial for successful automated trading. Bitcoin Sprint provides several configurable risk management tools and settings:

  • Position sizing – Determine percentage of account balance to allocate to each trade
  • Stop loss – Automatically exit losing positions at defined loss level
  • Take profit – Lock in gains by exiting winning trades at defined profit level
  • Trailing stop loss – Stop loss automatically trails price and adjusts to lock in profits during market swings
  • Max open trades – Limit number of simultaneous open positions

Users can also set the overall risk level from conservative to aggressive. More advanced risk management capabilities are unlocked at higher subscription plans allowing for extremely fine-tuned control.

Backtesting Engine

A built-in backtesting engine allows users to evaluate the potential profitability of their configured trading strategy by testing it against historical market data.

Traders can fine-tune their settings to achieve optimal results before deploying the strategy in live markets with real money. The backtesting tool provides key performance metrics like ROI, sharpe ratio, max drawdown and more.

The ability to backtest strategies also allows traders to identify and avoid overfit systems that would perform poorly in live trading.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

Bitcoin Sprint offers full-featured desktop apps for Windows and MacOS as well as iOS and Android mobile apps. This allows users to monitor trading activity and customize settings on the go from their smartphone or tablet.

Push notifications can be enabled to receive alerts when trades are entered and exited directly on mobile devices ensuring users are always kept in the loop.

Who Can Benefit from Bitcoin Sprint?

Bitcoin Sprint is designed to service both novice traders and seasoned professionals:

  • Beginner traders – The automated functionality, preset trading strategies and risk management tools makes Bitcoin Sprint ideal for beginners. No prior trading experience is required and the bot handles technical analysis.
  • Experienced traders – More advanced traders can take full advantage of backtesting, building custom strategies and fine-tuning parameters to align with their skills. Automation handles execution.
  • Passive investors – Users focused on long-term holdings can benefit from Bitcoin Sprint’s automated trading generating supplemental income on idle crypto assets.
  • Active traders – Day traders who lack time to analyze charts all day can leverage Bitcoin Sprint to capitalize on short-term opportunities they would otherwise miss.

The versatility to serve different trading styles is a key benefit highlighted by many Bitcoin Sprint reviews.

Supported Exchanges

For Bitcoin Sprint to trade on your behalf, it must be able to interface with exchange accounts via API keys. The bot supports leading centralized exchanges as well as a few decentralized platforms:

  • Binance – World’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume
  • Coinbase – Top compliant US crypto on-ramp
  • Kraken – Popular spot and futures exchange
  • KuCoin – Full-suite exchange with margin trading
  • Bittrex – Veteran US-based trading platform
  • Poloniex – Legacy American crypto exchange
  • Huobi – Leading Asian exchange
  • OKX – Robust derivatives and futures exchange
  • ByBit – Crypto margin trading and derivatives
  • Uniswap – Top decentralized exchange

Between the supported centralized exchanges, Bitcoin Sprint users gain access to hundreds of trading pairs across currencies, stablecoins, and altcoins. Supported DEXs like Uniswap further expand accessible liquidity pools.

Most major exchanges are integrated ensuring sufficient trading opportunities across both spot and derivatives markets. If your preferred exchange is not supported, Bitcoin Sprint also provides the ability to request adding additional exchanges.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Sprint

Getting started with Bitcoin Sprint is relatively straightforward, with the process taking less than 10 minutes in most cases. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Create account – User registers account via email on Bitcoin Sprint’s website.
  2. Connect exchange – Choose supported exchange, generate API keys and connect exchange account.
  3. Deposit funds – Deposit crypto into connected exchange wallet to fund trading account. Minimum $250 recommended.
  4. Select assets – Pick which trading pairs and cryptocurrencies to include in your portfolio.
  5. Configure trading – Use preset options or customize parameters for indicators, risk settings, position sizes and more.
  6. Start bot – Review settings and start live algorithmic trading or backtesting.
  7. Monitor – Track trading performance and adjust settings if desired. Withdraw profits at any time.

With exchange account connected, Bitcoin Sprint handles executing trades on those accounts on your behalf so there is no depositing funds into the bot itself.

The quick setup combined with automated functionality makes Bitcoin Sprint accessible even for those who have never traded before. No prior skills or experience is required to start benefiting from algorithmic trading.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Bitcoin Sprint offers a tiered pricing structure with several subscription plans to cater to differing account sizes and trader needs:


  • $250 minimum deposit
  • 1 concurrent trade
  • Preset strategies only
  • Basic technical indicators
  • Email support


  • $1,000 minimum deposit
  • 3 concurrent trades
  • Preset + custom strategies
  • Extended indicators library
  • Email + live chat support


  • $3,000 minimum deposit
  • 5 concurrent trades
  • Strategy builder + templates
  • Backtesting + optimization
  • Full indicators suite
  • Dedicated analyst support


  • $5,000 minimum deposit
  • 10 concurrent trades
  • Auto strategy generator
  • Advanced risk modeling
  • Arbitrage and neural networks
  • Priority customer support

The Hobbyist plan is free and lets users experiment with live trading on a small scale. Higher tiers provide additional features for managing larger accounts and portfolios.

There are no trading commissions or regular subscription fees beyond the minimum deposit. Bitcoin Sprint generates revenue by collecting a performance fee on profitable trades.

Standard fees range from 20% – 40% depending on account size and subscription plan selected. Discounts may be available.

Customer Service and Reviews

According to its website, Bitcoin Sprint provides customer support during business hours across multiple channels including email, phone, and live chat.

More advanced subscription plans also unlock dedicated analyst support for assistance optimizing trading strategies and configuring algorithms.

Overall, customer sentiment expressed in Bitcoin Sprint reviews is overwhelmingly positive. On Trustpilot, Bitcoin Sprint has a ‚Great‘ rating based on more than 400 reviews. Here’s a sample of the feedback:

  • „I have tried 3 different crypto bots over the last year and Bitcoin Sprint has massively outperformed them all. I’m an experienced trader but executing the signals manually was too time intensive. Now I just let the algorithm do all the work!“
  • „I started with a $2,000 account and in 3 months Bitcoin Sprint has grown it to more than $5,000. That’s way more than I could earn trading stocks and better than interest accounts. I’m a customer for life!“
  • „I don’t know much about indicators and analyzing charts stresses me out. Bitcoin Sprint has been a total game changer. Now I make consistent returns each month fully automated thanks to the AI identifying great trade opportunities.“

Negative reviews are exceptionally rare but a few users have reported connectivity issues with certain exchanges. However, these issues appear to have been promptly resolved by Bitcoin Sprint’s customer support team.

Judging by initial feedback, Bitcoin Sprint seems to deliver on its promises of easy automated trading for beginners and advanced functionality for experienced traders. However, past results do not guarantee future performance.

Is Bitcoin Sprint Safe to Use?

The safety and security of automated trading platforms is often a major concern. We extensively evaluated Bitcoin Sprint across a few key categories:


  • Publicly verifiable registration records
  • Physical business addresses provided
  • Founders and key personnel identified
  • Detailed information on website

Data Protection

  • AES-256 and SSL encryption
  • Read-only API connection to exchanges
  • No withdrawal rights from platform
  • Strong password requirements

Fund Management

  • No deposits held by platform
  • Funds remain on user-controlled exchange account
  • No locking period for withdrawals

Technical Security

  • Regular penetration testing and auditing
  • Bug bounty program with financial rewards
  • Email PGP encryption for sensitive data

From our assessment, Bitcoin Sprint implements sufficient measures for platform security and safeguarding user data and funds. Enabling read-only API access and keeping funds on exchange are best practices.

As always, general crypto safety best practices still apply:

  • Use strong unique passwords
  • Enable 2FA on exchange accounts
  • Don’t share login details or API keys
  • Withdraw profits regularly

Bitcoin Sprint Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize some of the key advantages and potential downsides to using Bitcoin Sprint for algorithmic crypto trading:


  • Hands-free automated trading saves time and effort monitoring markets manually
  • Sophisticated AI provides accurate trading analysis beyond human capacity
  • Backtesting strategies enhances performance and mitigates risk
  • High customizability caters to both novice and advanced traders
  • Strong security and data protection keeps funds and account safe
  • Good customer support with multiple contact methods
  • Major exchanges integrated provides sufficient liquidity and trading pairs


  • Requires minimum deposit to access platform, not free
  • Performance fees on profits earned reduces potential gains
  • No exotic trading options such as margin or shorts
  • Limited control for traders who desire more involvement
  • Exchanges can have outages causing trading disruptions

Overall, Bitcoin Sprint offers a compelling value proposition for cryptocurrency traders seeking automated, algorithm-driven solutions. But it may not suit traders desiring deep control or exotic trading capabilities beyond spot and margin trading.

Bitcoin Sprint Alternatives

For traders evaluating multiple platforms, here are some of the top Bitcoin Sprint alternative automated trading bots:

  • Cryptohopper – Cloud-based bot with social trading features
  • 3Commas – Top trading bot for beginners with simple setup
  • TradeSanta – Popular bot supporting margins and futures
  • Zignaly – Connects with decentralized exchanges
  • Bitsgap – Equipped with unique grid trading tools
  • Quadency – Institutional-grade trading infrastructure

Bitcoin Sprint stacks up competitively by offering more advanced AI, broader technical indicator support, and greater backtesting capabilities compared to most rivals while matching them on usability for beginners.

The variety of trading bots now available means traders should evaluate their specific needs and compare options to find the best fit.

Verdict: Is Bitcoin Sprint Recommended?

Based on our extensive analysis of features, functionality, security, user feedback and more, our verdict is that Bitcoin Sprint is legit automation software that can deliver value for crypto traders.

The combination of AI-driven market analysis and automated execution provides passive income potential for any experience level while saving time over manual trading.

However, as with any trading bot, results can vary – while most users report steady profits, there is always the risk of losses in volatile crypto markets. Start small, use backtesting, and utilize risk management to minimize downside exposure.

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